Tuesday, March 27, 2007

JO HURT: The Star Wagon, 1966

Ten tears after she died, my mom has arrived! She has a page on the Internet Movie Database.This is signifigant to me for several reasons, chief among them being recognition of her lifelong passion, which was acting.

Another signifigant point is that she was in The Star Wagon with Dustin Hoffman. She always told me that I met him, as a child, but I didn't remember it. According to IMDb, the film was released in 1966, when I was 4 yrs. old. According to mom, Hoffman was amused by my "talkativeness," until I had to be put in the corner because I wouldn't shut up.

I have to be honest. I only half-believed her. Mom knew alot of famous people (Elaine Stritch is my God-mother, and I really remember her!), but I wondered about some of her stories. She told me about Paul Lynde cornering my father at a party, but dad denied it ever happened. At least I have some objective corroboration that mom and Hoffman knew each other at the time.

The third thing is that it gives me more links, to expand the tribute page on my blog. So far, I only have a 1953 painting, a 1945 sketch of her, and an audio link to her Broadway performance of "Zip," from Pal Joey, in 1950. (check it out here)

Let me say this, in addition. For all her faults, she was a great mom, and was a big influence on the man I am today. I love her, and am proud of her accomplishments. I hope to keep her memory alive, and this is another step towards that goal.


Wahidiyya Kosmotikos said...

Chris, saw your page about your mother while looking for information on "The Star Wagon." I recall watching this on Public Broadcasting with my brother, but I don't remember a lot about particular actors and scenes. My apologies, except that was either 41 or 42 years ago (some sources have 1966, some 1967), and that was with an antenna, before cable, later than I was usually asleep, so I guess I'm doing pretty good to remember what I remember! It's odd that this seems to be available only on VHS (and maybe DVD now), and has not been re- and re- and rebroadcast.

Chris Leavitt said...

I haven't seen it since I was a kid, wahidiyya. Thanks for the comments, it's nice to hear from people who remember it.