Tuesday, March 29, 2005

JO HURT: Art and Audio Clip of Mom singing "ZIP"

My late mother was a Broadway actress in the '50's, before I was born. Her stage name was Jo Hurt, and the high point of her career was in 1950, when she appeared in "Pal Joey." I found a page on Amazon.com with a short audio clip, and thought I'd share it. My Godmother, Elaine Stritch, is currently appearing at Lincoln Center in NYC, though I haven't seen her in over 20 years. She also recorded "ZIP" in 1952, on a different cast recording. This link is to the page with my mom's version. Just click on the "samples" link, then pick the song "ZIP" when you get there. That's my mom!

This is a Jon Whitcomb painting of her, done in the early 1950's. It was altered to look like a Cosmopolitan magazine cover by her agent.

...and this is a sketch of her from 1945, done on the Pacific USO tour with Bob Hope.

I'm really proud of her, and it's nice to show it.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

La Shawn Barber: Takin' the Heat!

I recently posted a comment on La Shawn Barber's blog, in response to a post about her being called an "uncle tom" and worse by some commenters. When I returned home and checked the comments, I got a taste of what she puts up with. Notice how the commenter (someone calling themselves HiRez) equates the shunning of a Black Republican (for more than his position on reparations) with the ACTUAL KILLING going on in the Palestinian areas. As for Israelis being killed for supporting the Palestinians, it doesn't happen. Israel has Arab legislators who openly support the Palestinians. The assasination of the Prime Minister was a rare attack by an Israeli terrorist, not a daily occurence.

"HiRez" also takes issue with my use of the term "race baiting", but what is calling someone an "uncle tom", if not race baiting? For the record, calling anyone who justly criticizes a Black person a racist, without addressing the criticism, is also "race baiting." Read on:

Ms. Barber, what is happening to you is symptomatic of what happens to anyone who opposes an entrenched ideology. Palestinians who want peace with Israel are murdered in the streets as traitors for doing the same thing you are doing. You are a voice of sanity that is sorely needed in the US today. Looking at the decline of the MSM, I’m glad to see people on the forefront of the next media wave have a more reasoned point of view. These attacks on you, and bloggers in general, as a "conservative white male" surrogate are simple race baiting, as I’ve written about on my www.nextleav.blogspot.com site. I have to be honest, and admit that I haven’t published any of my more controversial pieces on race on my main political blog, www.leavworld.blogspot.com. You give me courage not to be ashamed to be called a racist when expressing an opinion informed by facts or personal experience. I have a comic art blog, www.leavart.blogspot.com, where I am going to post an awesome piece of art that says: I’M A REPUBLICAN, NOT A RACIST! Though I’ve emailed it to a few friends in the past, I wasn’t sure I would ever post it. I know this sounds like a pitch for readers on my websites, but look at them yourself, and decide if they’re worth posting. You are one of my favorite writers since I first read you on the JWR website. I’m new to blogging, and hope you like what I’m doing, too.
Comment by Chris Leavitt - 03.16.05 @ 8:12 am

This is symptomatic of the hypocrisy I am talking about…
Posted by the guy advertising his blog…CHRIS LEVIT…(sic)
"Ms. Barber, what is happening to you is symptomatic of what happens to anyone who opposes an entrenched ideology."
Could being a conservative be an entrenched ideology?
"Palestinians who want peace with Israel are murdered in the streets as traitors for doing the same thing you are doing."
As are Israeli’s who oppose the persecution of Palestinians…
What occurs if we reframe…and say…CONSERVATIVES are slain in Republican Circles for saying publicly they believe in reperations (Alan Keyes) or that they strongly believe in Affirmative Action (Colin Powell)…
"(these attacks) As a 'conservative white male surrogate' are simple race baiting,"
The biggest logical fallacy in argumentation I have seen EVER by people who want to minimize or chastising dialogue and discussion on race is this one…either some is "playing the race card" or they are "race baiting"…which is every much an ad hominem attack on the person presenting the discussion as if the argument is invalidated as illogical because the person presenting it is using it for what you deam as a perverse purpose…
And this further illustrates my disgust with partisan politics and ideological crusaders…maybe I will go back to being an independent…
Comment by HiRez - 03.16.05 @ 9:18 am

Speaking as someone who is not and has never been a member of any political party, I think that’s a good idea. And about this:
This is symptomatic of the hypocrisy I am talking about…Could being a conservative be an entrenched ideology?
This is man’s condition, HiRez. You’re not above it and I’m not above it. Whatever you want to call it, you have an entrenched ideology, too, and if you say you don’t you’re being disingenuous. The important point is what is true, not how many ways we can attack labels.
Comment by La Shawn - 03.16.05 @ 9:25 am

Dear La Shawn,WOW! There were zero comments posted when I wrote mine! Now there are over 50! It looks like I got HiRez’ panties in a bunch almost as much as you do! Thanks for defending my right to my own ideology. Meanwhile, you keep calling ‘em as you see ‘em. I agreed with everything you said in your post and comments, and now I’m going back to read more.
Have a great day, from Chris
comment by Chris Leavitt — 03.17.05 @ 1:06 am