Friday, August 27, 2010

SweetLeaf and LEAVBERT: ADAM LAMBERT show at the St. Georges Theater!

It was a beautiful old theater, and we had a wonderful time! One of the girls in the row behind us was nice enough to take our picture. Anna wanted me to wear a tophat, similar to Adam's, and a leather vest with 2 foot long fringes! I suspect that she collaborated with her "fasionista" daughter to have these items "available" for me to wear...

SweetLeaf Agrees: Sir Monte Rocks!

We had such a great time at the Adam Lambert concert on Staten Island! I took this pic of Anna (SweetLeaf) with Monte Pittman, Adam's Musical Director, and Lead Guitarist! Yo, this guy ROCKS! I got to shake his hand, and tell him that, after taking the pic! COOL!

LEAVBERT! Partying in Staten Island!

Partying at the Adam Lambert concert!

Sunday, August 08, 2010


As a kid, I had all kinds of "falling outs" with my two best friends, as they did between the two of them, with me siding with one or the other. This photo is of one excellent Christmas day, where a year-long grudge was buried. I had been the one on the outside, with Andy and Starsky both shunning me, for the most part. Our mothers helped set this up, and it was all good!

Starsky recently sent me this photo, and it's almost a year since Andy died of a wasp sting, so I am posting this as a tribute to my friend. I miss you, Andy, and will always remember you!

From Coney Island to Central Park! Starsky & Hutch, Havin' Fun!

Starsky and Hutch, at Coney Island and Central Park! The whole city was our beat, and we had fun all over it!


Riding the D train back from Coney Island, and after visiting the comic book store on 57th, near Columbus Circle! This was "fun in NYC" in the '70's! I drew both of our shirts, and I had authentic Korean War era patches on my jacket, from my Uncle Bill Dignes!