Friday, January 28, 2005

Bush - Catastrophic Failure LEAV'S RESPONSE

Friday, January 28, 2005
Bush's Axis of Evil
The Bush 2nd term agenda is no secret. It is to further the agenda of 3 right-wing special interests (aka Bush's axis of evil) who were behind his re-election and at the expense of the vast majority of Americans, our environment, and the rest of the citizens of this world:(1) Bigoted "christian" fundamentalists (fundamentalism CLOSES hearts & minds),(2) A greedy clique within corporate America,(3) The war-mongering neo-cons who have their sites on American imperialism (google PNAC).So much for "compassionate conservative," being a "uniter--not a divider," and for not being into "nation building." Check out this article:
G.W. Bush: Phase 2 – On the Other Hand
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Chris said...
I suggest you read some of my posts at both and I am a Christian, but not a fundamentalist with a closed mind. I am no corporate tool. I work for a small business, and ride a bicycle to work. I am a neo-con only in that I was a HUGE LIBERAL once upon a time, and woke up around 1992 or so, thanks to Bill Clinton and Rush Limbaugh. I found that being a conservative wasn't in contradiction to conservation of the environment, or of helping the poor get off of welfare. I am a hawk on defense because this country has backed away from the terrorist threat through both Republican and Democrat administrations. I waited after the first attack on the WTC, and we did not respond. George Bush has, and I agree with all of his principles.