Friday, January 28, 2005

Bush - Catastrophic Failure LEAV'S RESPONSE

Friday, January 28, 2005
Bush's Axis of Evil
The Bush 2nd term agenda is no secret. It is to further the agenda of 3 right-wing special interests (aka Bush's axis of evil) who were behind his re-election and at the expense of the vast majority of Americans, our environment, and the rest of the citizens of this world:(1) Bigoted "christian" fundamentalists (fundamentalism CLOSES hearts & minds),(2) A greedy clique within corporate America,(3) The war-mongering neo-cons who have their sites on American imperialism (google PNAC).So much for "compassionate conservative," being a "uniter--not a divider," and for not being into "nation building." Check out this article:
G.W. Bush: Phase 2 – On the Other Hand
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Chris said...
I suggest you read some of my posts at both and I am a Christian, but not a fundamentalist with a closed mind. I am no corporate tool. I work for a small business, and ride a bicycle to work. I am a neo-con only in that I was a HUGE LIBERAL once upon a time, and woke up around 1992 or so, thanks to Bill Clinton and Rush Limbaugh. I found that being a conservative wasn't in contradiction to conservation of the environment, or of helping the poor get off of welfare. I am a hawk on defense because this country has backed away from the terrorist threat through both Republican and Democrat administrations. I waited after the first attack on the WTC, and we did not respond. George Bush has, and I agree with all of his principles.


Chris said...

UPDATE: Apparently, the "BUSH'S CATASTROPHIC FAILURE" blog has been deleted! It has to be tough to have a blog by that name in the face of his multiple successes! I can only hope that I had some small part in the demise of this worthless blog!

Joey Myopa said...


You appear to be a very devoted person and loyal to your beliefs. Let me point out however that the ideolgy surrounding this administration and the political Right is NOT in the interest of people's of the world. W's trip to Europe was a disaster by any definition becauase we once again have tried to jam our politics and religion down other people's faces. The result ...divisiness. The Right has taken side whereby their beliefs and ideologies have become superior to others because they have claimed ownership of them, and that any belief other than theirs is inferior. This fundamentally approaches dangerous, if not fanatical or zealous. I think we need a more neutral position to be a successful world leader, unless you would like to see us become an isolationist regime..a place where we are now heading. While W's success's as you put it are the definitive resultant effects of his leadership, that leadership has also driven us into obscurity. Claiming satisfaction in the demise of an opinion other than your own is exactly what we do not need irregardless of it's meaningless or fabrication. It is still an opinion, something as American's we still can claim market share to, more than anything else.

Chris said...

Dear JJ,
I am glad to appear as devoted to my beliefs as hopefully you are. I must question your point about "the ideology surrounding this administration and the political Right." If I am a devoted "Right Winger," why is it that I care about the air, earth and water around me just as much as you do? I believe that Pres. Bush is balancing the demands of the economy with progress far in excess of anything that the Left has come up with, especially unrealistic overregulation.

Pres. Bush's trip to Europe, and Condi's worldwide diplomatic offensive have actually been great successes! Far from "jamming our politics and religion down other people's faces," apparently Europe now thinks that Pres. Bush was right in liberating Iraq, and is willing to halt the proposed arms sales to China as well. This doesn't sound like "divisiveness" to me.

The Right is the new Progressive movement, and you're missing it. Pres. Bush is on the wrong side of several issues; campaign finance, border control/illegal immigration, among others. We "neocons," or "new conservatives" are mostly former Liberals who have been open to other points of view, and are used to disagreeing with some policies of the leadership.

The reason we claim superiority to your ideology is that we've lived it, learned it, and have seen it's fundamental flaws. What is dangerous is the manner in which left-wing ideas have corrupted our society, allowing children to assault teachers and others in schools with no penalty, among other things. The liberal judiciary is another easy target for the origins of ass-backwards policies/rulings that no representative government ever legislated.

"Fanatical" and "Zealous" can describe people of either political persuasion, as well as most sports fans.

About being neutral: Don't you think that Pres. Clinton was neutral all through the 1990's? Wasn't that the time that we were repeatedly attacked, culminating in 9/11? This is where neutrality got us. In the Left's eyes, this country deserves to be attacked, and can never make up for any injustice done in it's name over it's entire history. There is no "being neutral."

Isolationism is now preached by the Left, as evidenced by their opposition to NAFTA, GATT, and other free trade agreements. Protectionism is the province of political plunder by the Left primarily, playing to dying sectors of the economy. This has happened many times before, with the parties switched at times.

I don't want to see the end of Liberal ideology; otherwise, where would the next progressive wave come from? We need each other, though one ideology might be dominant at any given period of history. I was a loud and radical Leftie, and I now fight for the same goals from the Right! You guys are just losing political market share, and it must hurt! Remember, pain and hunger make for the best opinions, so you have something to draw on. We have an open society, and you could have a revolution a la Ukraine, or something! Oh, wait! We Righties supported that one!

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