Friday, November 27, 2015

The Monster Thanksgiving MENU!!!

I brought a ton of food to work with me, making sure I had enough that I wouldn't end up ordering Chinese food on Thanksgiving. Thursday's menu was 2 ham cappy w/melted cheddar sandwiches on toasted sesame hamburger buns, and an orange, for breakfast. It's what I make for myself, when I can't get a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese! It works for me! ;)


Brunch was deli made chicken salad, which I seasoned with Italian dressing, Italian spice mix (Oregano, etc...), onion powder, maybe an added dash of white vinegar, and S&P... also layered it with thinly sliced dill pickle spears and red onion, which had been in the same container with, and bled their color into one of the pickles, and put some slices of cheddar on the toasted bun.


This was the most F**ked up part of my day, because I was trying to make, and enjoy a much better sandwich than the breakfast sandwiches. It's funny, because I handled everything at work mostly fine, though I made one mistake, punching something in. I found it, and corrected it. I'll bet a million dollars that happened when I was trying to make my sandwich!


Our boss ended up getting us 2 large pizzas, because all the Chinese restaurants were closed, or weren't answering their phones. I had 3 slices, bacon and beef, topped with fresh tomatoes in Italian dressing! Then I ate the rest of my homemade tomato, cucumber and red onion salad. I also took two slices home. This was like Lunner, which is already a term, apparently.


As it got later, I surprisingly didn't raid the vending machine for some Oreos, or M&M's, as I regularly do.  I wasn't ready, yet. I was thinking about that seasoned chicken salad, but had a craving for a hot dog with cheddar cheese and mustard. So that's what I had, at maybe 9 PM. Well, it coulda been 6 PM. ;) I also brought home two hot dogs, a little cheddar cheese, and two hot dog buns, plus two of the sesame hamburger buns. Anna has to try this chicken salad I seasoned, but if she reads this, who knows? ;)


I watched football, and ate the last three bits of salad (one lonely slice of cucumber, and two thicker slices of tomato), after the hot dog. I didn't hit up the vending machine for either chips or chocolate, again, surprisingly, and packed up my food before I knew maybe I needed more than a hot dog! Just thinkin' out loud! ;)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

GIA and OPIE, From 2 Different Worlds...

I'm planning to write the adventures of Opie and Gia soon. It's about two people from very different backgrounds, trying to get along...I see it as a sitcom, but it could also be a drama, if Gia has her way. It will entertain me, if not you...

Saturday, October 01, 2011


Note: All of these stories are fiction. Don't believe any of it...

In 1980, I ate 2-10 hits of acid or mescaline every weekend, and some weekdays, as well. I worked in the mailroom of an insurance company on Park Ave. and 33rd St. I was 18, and I liked it! These are stories from that year...

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spider Man Throws Arachne Under The Bus...Will It Reverse The Curse?

Not to make light of injury, but one might think that this play is cursed by some evil Spider-Goddess. This mess has gone on too long already, and the latest (4th? -I've lost count) postponement of it's official opening was announced before this latest (4th? -I've lost count) injury on the set, during "previews."

By MARK KENNEDY AP Drama Writer/With Staff Reports

NEW YORK - Is this the curse of the Spider-Woman? T.V. Carpio stepped in to replace another actress injured in Broadway's troubled "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark." She has now herself been sidelined after an accident.

Producers of the $65 million musical said Tuesday that Carpio was hurt last week during an onstage battle scene. She plays an evil spider woman called Arachne and will be out of the show for the next two weeks.

It's worth noting that the latest rework of the play supposedly gets rid of the Arachne character altogether. The character was used as a narrator, and was a mouthpiece for the (now replaced) director Julie Taymoor, saying such lines as "I am the only true artist here." Sheesh! Good riddance!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Husk Reunion Party Part II

Another great image from "Huskapalooza!"

"Husk" Reunion Party!

Looking forward to seeing more old friends at the next one!