Sunday, January 29, 2006




WomanHonorThyself said...

Ahhhhhhhh I know jus how it feels havin gotten slammed by an egg on Halloween once..and a cooked one no less!..which felt more like a rock...but u reacted instinctively and its great how u have a different perspective on the whole thing far as my eyes sheez a traitor and a disgrace to her sons memory..sigh

Chris said...

I'm with your comments on Cindy Shee-hen, Woman. This part of my life, cited in the VENDOME stories, is when I was very young. I am writing pieces of it when they come back into my mind vividly, and I hope to capture the sense of "know-nothingness," as well as giving my adult perspective.

Eventually, I will delve into my (over) 500 acid trips between 1978 and 1981, when I joined the USMC. One day, I will publish the X-rated druggie cartoons that I drew while in the USMC, but I'm giving away future chapters of my story.

Thanks for the heartfelt comments. I recognize them by the Ahhhhhhh!

-and thanks for reading it in the first place!

Chris said...

Did I mention that I was a LIBERAL for most of my life? I got off of Liberalism a few years before I got off Crack.

rleavitt said...

My dad threw eggs at people? I didn't know he was such a rebel.

Chris said...

Yes, Rach, and plenty of other fun stuff. I limit what I write about him here, but I'll fill you in through the email, in time.