Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Jenny Martinez on the kidnapped GI JOE doll

This is from Jenny Martinez' great military blog:
How Bizarre
Apparently, out of some sort of desperation, a group of shitrags in Iraq have kidnapped a GI Joe doll . Yes that's right, a doll. In fact, it looks remarkably like the Soldier doll my ex bought in Kuwait and sent to our son.
"Our mujahideen have managed to capture the American soldier John Adam after killing a number of his colleagues," said the Mujahideen shitrags in the undated statement on a Web site monitored in Dubai. It threatened to kill him."
Granted I did play with dolls as a child but I would like to know exactly how one goes about "killing" a doll. Since dolls are not alive and all...
Liam Cusack, marketing coordinator for Dragon Models USA said the picture appeared to show a special forces operative figure the company had made for collectors. Cusack said the striking similarity between his company's action figure, which was marketed under the name "Cody," and the published picture, were pointed out to him early on Tuesday by an Arizona retailer. "I worked on the development of that figure so I had seen the look of that head before." Cusack, speaking from his office at City of Industry, California, noted the rifle being pointed at the figure in the photograph posted on the Web site also appeared to be the plastic M4 rifle included with the figure.

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