Sunday, January 16, 2005


C.K.Leavitt 11/12/01
"The Arab Street", a term falsely used to describe to describe the poor and oppressed in the Middle East, is a product of the same propaganda machine that produced "The Workers' Revolution", with similar flimsy underpinnings. These are slave countries, whose leaders actively channel their internal opposition onto the "infidels", currently understood as "America" (and Israel). It was no different during the Cold War, when other oppressed peoples, from many nations, were brainwashed to hate America. Now Russia and all of the former Soviet nations are working with us, against the terrorist threat. Similarly, the "Arab Street" will become part of the "Main Street", if America is successful.
All societies have poor and oppressed populations. In our free society, we open ourselves to all opinions. This means even the long reach of the ANTI-WESTERN CIVILIZATION crowd, who have already embedded themselves in western culture. In fact, there's no shortage of America-haters right here at home!
An interesting thing to look at is the Nation of Islam. I have no doubt that most of their membership are typical Americans, with their fair share of frustration with the world. What if Louis Farrakan turns out to be a puppet of this same extremist fringe, paid to stir up "The American Street"? In America, you can protest against your own country, so where better to propagandize!

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