Thursday, January 13, 2005



Back in 1992, after losing my nightclub business, I became a crackhead. Around this time, I had one of my drunken political "debates" with my friend Matt "Hoops" Reilly, at Clarke's bar. I, being a Liberal Democrat then, was defending "slick Wiily" Clinton as "our" version of "tricky Dick" Nixon, and correctly predicted that he would not only be elected, but would get away with "whitewater", the "bimbo eruptions", and anything else that the Republicans could throw at him. Then Matt asked me if I had ever listened to Rush Limbaugh. "What, that racist, bigoted homophobe?" -or words to that effect, was my reply. "How can you say that if you never listened to him?" was the comeback, after I admitted that I hadn't. Well, it took me a few months, but I found his radio show on WABC 77 (NYC). I listened to him, this brash Conservative, with an open mind. I was astounded with his obviously tounge-in-cheek "arrogance", and his extreme "political incorrectness"(at least to a Liberal). Rush first weaned me off of the daytime soap operas, then inspired me to beat my crack addiction. The critical change came when I thought about how down and out I was. After blowing all of my inheritance money, I never turned to the government for assistance after things went bad; I was fortunate enough to have friends who helped me through that difficult period. This is exactly Rush's message, that we should not depend on government to turn our fortunes around. In fact, the NY State government (a TRULY LIBERAL ESTABLISHMENT, even with a "Republican" Governor) sucked the life out of the one business I did own. It was like a slow-motion epiphany. I started seeing events, both in my life and in the world at large, in a larger historical context. The more I listened to Rush, the more he made sense to me. I can't say I agree with everything Rush says, but I love the way he frames an issue. I have been listening to him since '92 or '93, and the only "preaching" I remember was for self-reliance and the 3 F's (FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND FAITH), as opposed to reliance on government! The logical extention of this is to defeat the Democrats, and this is how I became a Republican, thanks to Rush Limbaugh.
Now that Rush is at the center of the media spotlight for his drug use, I think that my story is especially poignant. I've been off crack for over 6 years, and I think that Rush will be able to beat his addiction as well, with the help of those same 3 F's. I, for one, haven't lost faith in him. He loses no credibility with me for having human flaws. He was one of many factors that helped me get my life back together. I hope that I can be a factor in helping him get his life back on track, too. As a member of Rush 24/7, I'm sending my story to Rush on his "double secret" email, and hopefully he'll read it eventually, and take inspiration as I did from him. GOOD LUCK, RUSH! -FROM CHRIS LEAVITT

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Bulletstopper said...

Ill give you a thrill and be the first to comment on your post. If you think Rush makes any sense you are either retarded or naive. Most conservatives know Rush is full of shit. He's like Professional wrestling. We all know its fake but we watch anyway. Rush tells lies and half truths as a matter of fact. It's well documented. If you base your political thinking and viewpoints on what you hear on the Rush Limpbald show you are merely regurgitating the same lies and half truths that he is. Get your own ideas and viewpoints. Not from some jackass with an ax to grind. For everone like you that buys his books or listens to his show you are just allowing him to continue polluting the radio. I have nothing against conservatives as I am pretty much a centrist. I embrasse both liberal and conservative ways of thinking, as I am pretty sure most Americans do. I just have a big problem with someone who literaly makes up half the garbage hes shoveling! He fancies himself so omnipotent that he is constantly saying things that have no backing at all! Stats on homos? His expert knowledge on football and economics? The garbage about volcanoes causing our ozone problems? What the hell is he now? A geologist? A radio talkshow guy? Whats the difference right? Anyway if you choose to give your money to this man be my guest. Just don't try and defend him. It makes you look like an idiot.