Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Splitting the difference on abortion: A prescription for criticism!
1ST trimester: no restriction
2ND trimester: only if the life OR health of mother is threatened.
3RD trimester: only if the life of the mother is threatened
Any law regulating abortion would need the cooperation of doctors, so that is who the law must apply to. They should be responsible for enforcing the guidelines. Pregnant women would be subject to no criminal penalty for late term abortion.

OTHER OPTIONS ON ABORTION: Why can't we start out with a law against killing a fetus that has any part of it's body outside the womb, and work back from there? I don't want to ban all abortions, but decent human beings can not tolerate state sanctioned "aborting" of the weakest, most innocent human beings; the subject of the decision. I differ with most of the "religious right" in that I think a woman should be able to "abort" a child before the second trimester. There isn't much of this "gray area" in most reporting I have read. I supported the use of the "morning after" pill, though wider use of it may show deadly side effects from abuse, specifically overdosing. I'm not so sure any more. I expect to get criticized from all sides. Let's hear it!

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